Django-treemenus new release 0.4

26 May 2008

django, django-treemenus

I have just released the version 0.4 of django-treemenus

It does not contain code modifications so you don't necessarily have to upgrade if you're currently using it. In fact, this release integrates more languages, so you may be interested if you're not happy with the standard English version.

Thank you to Maxim Oransky for marking a couple of missing strings and for providing the Russian translation. Thank you also to Ido Sebastiaan van Oostveen for providing the Dutch translation. I've also added French locale, so that's now 4 languages including English. Please send me your translations in other languages and I'll integrate them in future releases.

Django-treemenus has been quite stable it seems since the last release. I use it in several projects, and my clients like it simplicity of use (in particular the user-friendly representation of the tree structure in the admin).

I'd be happy to hear more feedback, so please let me know how you use this, if you've extended or improved it. Any suggestion or testimonial is very welcome!

Finally, a couple of things I'm planning to work on in the near future: handle caching and better integration with newforms-admin.