Hi, I'm Julien.

I'm a Django core developer, software engineer, data scientist, active open-source contributor and public speaker. This space is where I post personal thoughts and code snippets.

07 February 2017
Identifying bias in the media with sentiment analysis
13 January 2017
Kaggle competition report. ECML PKDD 2015 Taxi Trajectory Prediction
19 December 2016
Drawing geographical density maps with Matplotlib
10 July 2013
A script to quickly access the source of installed python packages
21 February 2013
Fast shutdown of development Vagrant/VirtualBox virtual machines
26 January 2009
Testing time-based views in Django
15 November 2008
Misconceptions about testing (and what we should do about them)
23 October 2008
Site-wide login protection (and public views)
16 August 2008
Adding search to a Django site in a snap
12 August 2008
How to do a case study
08 August 2008
Proxying Django's admin views
30 July 2008
A simple site-wide, per-user, date format validation system
22 July 2008
Django-treemenus new release 0.5
26 May 2008
Django-treemenus new release 0.4
25 May 2008
At last, my blog is up