Django-treemenus new release 0.5

22 July 2008

django, django-treemenus

I have just packaged a new release 0.5 for django-treemenus

That release should only concern people working on Django's development version after the merge of the newforms-admin branch. I also hear that Django 1.0 alpha has just been released, so that's good timing ;)

If you're using Django's trunk prior the NFA merge, then you can stick to 0.4.

I've also included the German translation kindly provided by Thomas Kerpe (thanks Thomas!). Available languages are now: English, French, Dutch, Russian and German. Please keep sending me your translations and they will be included in future releases.

Also, I'd be very interested to hear testimonials of people using this app. How do you use it? Do you use the menu extension mechanism? How would you like to see this app improved? Any feedback/criticism is very welcome ;)